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A Fabulous Feast

Linda Soller | May 31, 2021

Sometimes we fail to recognize a surplus of goodness, a fabulous feast so to speak. Nature on the other hand rarely misses a chance to take advantage of a good thing. We were away for a week recently only to return to find our bird feeder nearly full. It had been all but abandoned. During that same week, the seventeen-year cycle of cicadas has surfaced. Did you know that birds, squirrels, foxes, and so on enjoy the crunchy goodness of the noisy clingy bugs the rest of us find so annoying? Apparently, nature had provided a fabulous feast for our local critters while we were away. So, all of our worrying about the feeder running out was for naught.


Maybe it’s time we humans paused to appreciate when we are handed an unexpected feast. What feast?

Okay, it has been a long difficult road through the pandemic, I would agree. But we also need to see that we were given a unique opportunity to learn about ourselves, how we handle adversity, how much we rely on others, and how we deal with loss. That’s a lot of lessons for a lot of humans in a relatively short time. We should be appreciating the opportunities being provided to us to change our ways. We need to review our priorities and shake off the chains of old bad habits. As the country and the world start the process of reopening, we need to see it as an emergence, much like the cicadas. Coming out of a time when we felt buried by fear, gloom, inconvenience, and tragedy, we need to rise up. Like the cicadas we need to make the most of our limited time on this earth. We need to see each day for what it has to offer not for what we feel it lacks.  We miss those we lost, but they would want us to come out of this time as better humans. There is no place for animosity toward other races, or ethnic groups. There is no place for violence against other humans. There is no place for feeling superior to anyone.  God loves us all. He has invited us to a fabulous feast called life. It’s time we all took His invite seriously.


Make a difference this week! :o)