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Stick With Me

Linda Soller | May 17, 2021

There are times when you are tired, bored, frustrated, and think all I want to do is quit. Maybe it’s a job, or another responsibility.  Maybe it’s even something that started as fun but now it isn’t. Whatever the situation we have all most likely reached that intersection where we just want to turn and walk away. That moment is not something to treat lightly. You have to take a breath, dig deep, and ask yourself why you feel as you do. Often walking away seems the easy way out for you, but the ripple effect may not be easy on everyone else. In Pastor Sean’s sermon from Mother’s Day, we were reminded just how often Jesus had to tell the disciples to “stick with Me.”  Okay, so He used different words but that was His meaning.


As we slowly claw our way out of this pandemic, we need to remember why Jesus said to stick with Him. He understood there was still work to be done in the world, and it was not going to all happen while He walked the earth with His disciples. Even today we need to stick with Him. No that is wrong, ESPECIALLY today, we need to stick with Him. As we start to gather in larger numbers, we need to come back into our churches. As we “recover” we need to remember not everyone is feeling relief. Food programs, work assistance, and neighborly care need to continue. We need to grow very tired of mass shootings, of our children going hungry, and of our community growing increasingly homeless. We need to stick with Him and bring God’s love to others. We need to do His work in this world.


I am one of those people who honestly feels we learn from our mistakes, we can grow during adversity, and when things look bleak, we can know that God is still at work in our world. It can be harder to feel that way sometimes more than others, but I always come around.  Because in the dark moments I hear that voice in my head, I feel that tug in my heart, and I know in my soul God is saying, “Stick with Me”.


Make a difference this week! :o)