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Welcome Back

Linda Soller | Mar 22, 2021

Let’s face it, I often write about my commute to work, the crazy drivers, not me of course, and the things I find so interesting or irritating. Currently I report into my office two days a week and work remotely for the remainder. Ever since we started this gradual return to the office my drive to and from work has been crazy easy. There were no school buses, few cars on the road and for the most part the drivers are awake, not eating while driving, and not on their phones, a little creepy actually. At the worst intersection, the number of accidents is down to a big zero. But the other day was a very different kind of experience. 


I was leaving my neighborhood and saw a dad and two kids with backpacks walking along the street. At the corner was a mom with two more kids with backpacks. Further along I saw the lights of a school cross walk blinking and slowed to 25 miles per hour. Then I saw it, a school bus. It was stopped at a street, sign out, lights flashing, and sure enough a child got on the bus. I stopped and waited as I was supposed to do, and thought are those kids going to school?  I had heard something about school starting back slowly. Moving once again I came to another school zone, slowed again, and watched another bus appear. I waited and thought to myself, welcome back school bus. Welcome back driver and kids on the bus. I may deny it if asked, but yes, I was pleased to see the school buses. Pleased for a tiny bit of what was and will be again. Not even worried about having to add time to my commute so I won’t be late, not worried about sitting and watching the kids saunter on the bus while just beyond I see my traffic light turn red. No, those things did not cross my mind at the time. They came to me later. At those moments, on that morning, all I could think of was welcome back. Thank you Lord!


Have a great week! :o)


P.S. Welcome back Spring, we are truly excited to see you this year!