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What A Blessing!

Linda Soller | Mar 08, 2021

It was a quiet Saturday afternoon. A lazy day if I’m being honest.  There I was sitting on the couch watching a winter sports event on TV when I heard a familiar ping telling me I had a text message. Fully expecting it to be one of my children with pictures of my perfect grandchildren doing something adorable I quickly snatched the phone. Oh my gosh! My name had come up for the COVID-19 vaccine, and I was invited to schedule. I thought, what a blessing! Now I know some of you may not be convinced about the value of the vaccine, but I am, and I’m not afraid to say it.  Very early on Monday morning I made my way to the designated location in the rain, feeling very pleased to be there. I saw a process running like a well-oiled machine (so that won’t make the news) and hosts of people working at each step of the way to make this happen for all of us strangers. I can only imagine what time they got there.  And all of us strangers behaving ourselves, following the instructions, even being pleasant. My mind flashed back to the endless hours of dedication and cooperation that went in to creating the vaccines in a remarkably short time frame compared to other such advancements. 


We rarely have a firsthand opportunity to see the intelligence, efficiency, and selfless motivation of mankind at work. It was not political, there were no news cameras, no selfies being taken, no rewards being handed out, no fanfare, just human beings do what we are able to do to help each other. Something we have seen over this past year, but this time I got to experience it firsthand.  Each of you will do what you want, and think what you want, it’s your right. But on that rainy morning, I felt God was working in a weary world. All I can say is what a blessing!


Have a great week! :o)