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Wait A Minute

Linda Soller | Mar 01, 2021

In our Sunday Bible study group, we talked about Noah and his ark. It made me think about the human process of waiting. I can’t even imagine being in Noah’s position. What would I do if God called me to such a monumental task? Needless to say, God knows better than to do that. But Noah had to wait for this huge flood to come (that had to be scary), and then wait for it to subside, and then wait for the earth to recover. He didn’t really know what to expect.


The process of waiting stresses me out.  I struggled to wait to get my cast off my arm even though I knew it was doing me good.  Think about it. If someone says wait a minute to you, what is your response? I bet you ask why? That would be my automatic response, but is it a good response?


I keep trying to find the lessons learned from the past twelve months. Even if I don’t like them, the lessons are there.  For certain one lesson is it’s okay to wait. We all have the capacity to wait when we need to. How long we are able to wait varies considerably from person to person, as we have observed. Our waiting can be impacted by our health, our beliefs, our needs, and many other things.  But if we are honest with ourselves, except in some emergency situations, there is usually a minute to wait. No, we shouldn’t do it to aggravate people, like purposely not going when the traffic light turns green, that’s just rude! But think of the times when, had you paused for a minute, you would have avoided a mishap like forgetting your grocery list or locking yourself out of your house. If you had only paused. Life flies by as it is, would it really hurt us all to wait a minute, now and then?  


Have a great week! :o)