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The Little Things

Linda Soller | Feb 15, 2021

Well, here we are in Valentines Week! I think Valentine’s Day is so limiting, don’t you? Can we really show the people we love how much they mean to us in one day?  Maybe with a grand gesture we can impress them. Maybe you are the grand gesture type, I’m not. No, I think we demonstrate our true love for someone in all the little things we do. I’m talking about the little things we do without being told, without a frown, and without seeking or expecting praise. They are the most meaningful in the long run, but it may be harder than it seems on the surface. It requires a selflessness most of us can only muster now and then.  


I know it feels like I’m always telling you what to do and where you fall short. Okay, sometimes I do just that. But this week I’m suggesting you cut yourself some slack. This week give yourself some credit for all the little things you do for others. Yes, you heard me. Pause and think about how much you do for others. You do those things because you can, because you care, because you love. All the little things you routinely do which feel insignificant at the time, but make someone else’s life easier, safer, and happier. No grand gestures are needed to show you care, just a few words, a smile, a thank you, a hug can make your feelings known. The world won’t end because you forgot to order flowers, but it will be a pretty miserable place if we stop doing all the little things, we do for each other.


God made the grand gesture for love of us all when He gave us His son. Now He wants us to be faithful in all the little things He has left us to do. He loves you, so you need to start by loving yourself.  


Happy Valentines Week! :o)


 P.S. So you won’t be mad I forgot to send you a card, right?