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Better Together

Linda Soller | Feb 01, 2021

I have a long and friendly relationship with step stools and ladders, it’s a height thing. But recently, in an instance of distraction, from a towering height of maybe two feet, I took a tumble. I fell, not so gracefully landing on the floor and catching myself with my left hand/arm. After extensive medical research on my computer, I decided my wrist was sprained. Four days later, actual doctors and an x-ray disagreed. I had broken my wrist. At least it was not my dominate hand, I thought, and everyone else said. True enough, but I am here to tell you, hands work better together! A dominate hand can, at times, be worthless without its friend. You can trust me on this.


People are much like hands. We are so much better together.  Sure, there may be a leader or dominate member of a group, but they need others to really be successful.  We must not take each other for granted. We all play our part in this life. We all bring something to the table. Many of us will never be the leader, but without us to support them the leaders of this world would not get much done. Christians are also like hands worshiping, sharing, learning, and supporting each other. Doing these things together gives us strength to accomplish God’s plan. We will not always agree on all things, but our faith unites us. Having different opinions requires us to show compassion and understanding. Our differences and diversity provide strength. We must practice forgiveness because it does not come easily to most of us. We are simply better together.


I will not turn my back on my ladder because we had an unfortunate mishap. I have to accept my part in making our relationship work and move forward. It may be uncomfortable at times, but I will be more focused in the future because I need my ladder, and like it or not (at times), I know we are better together.


Have a great week! :o) Linda