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That First Step

Linda Soller | Nov 16, 2020

It seems at times that we are bombarded by the hard facts of life. We lose a loved one, a relationship, a job, our health, and the list goes on. Growing up we learn gradually how to deal with these difficult events. We start small with how to watch as a child plays with the toy we want, how to get through the day when dropped at daycare, how to cope when our friend turns against us at school. These dilemmas may not be life threatening or even long term, but at the time our loss feels real and scary. Our parents reassure us all will be okay. We doubt it. Then gradually we take that first step. We pick up a different toy, we learn we will be picked up from daycare each day, and a new friend materializes. Now we are the grown ups and wonder who will tell us it will be okay? We wonder how will we ever take that first step? 


I won’t pretend to have an easy answer. There is no magic pill for dealing with the feelings of loss. Whatever way each of us approaches loss, it’s a process. We take that first step and slowly but surely, we move forward. We can try to be prepared and it will help in some circumstances, but there will still be times we feel slammed against a wall. We can practice optimism so the challenges will seem less harsh. People of faith have hope, prayer, and community to help them maneuver along the road to recovery. Some people turn hard, resentful, and full of blame. For them it’s always someone else’s fault.  Others withdraw and wallow in their despair. Regardless of our approach, in order to thrive, or sometimes to survive in this world, we will all have to take that first step. 


As the pandemic continues to rage, our country remains at odds, our families feel disconnected, and so many doors are closed, it’s critical that we each build our stores of courage, integrity, kindness, hope, and love. We must look into the eyes of all humans we meet and see possibility. In times like these we need our faith.  In times like these we must be ready and willing to take the first step.


Be kind – Be civil! :o) Linda