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Optimism Isn't Blind

Linda Soller | Sep 14, 2020

I certainly consider myself an optimist. Some people think it’s odd to be optimistic in times such as these, but I disagree. Optimism isn’t blind to difficulties or challenges; I think an optimist believes in solutions. Notice I said believes in solutions, I did not say has all the solutions. There’s a big difference which is why I remain optimistic. 


In our area the schools, whatever they look like, have begun. Around here things are being conducted virtually for the most part. I asked my granddaughter who is going to the first grade if she was excited for the school year to begin. She said she was “kind of” excited. We discussed that it would not be in the building she thinks of as school and some of the fun parts of interacting with her friends would be missing. The truth is some of her best friends from kindergarten are not in her first-grade class. So, in the virtual world even the faces will be new to her. We talked about patience when you are getting to know people and they aren’t in the room with you. We talked about the importance of smiling. Then I went so far as to suggest that she is part of a very unique and important group of children all over the world who are starting their full-time education in a totally new way. That seemed to perk her up. I told her I was optimistic she would have a great year. She asked what do you mean you are optimistic? I explained that I knew it would be different and challenging but I had confidence that she and the other first grade students everywhere could make it work. She asked why? I replied because you are intelligent, caring, talented, patient, and strong human beings. She smiled and said, “Yes, I think it will be okay.” That is optimism. She didn’t say it would be perfect, but she also didn’t say it would be horrible. More importantly she knows she has support. 


In our faith we can be optimistic because God has confidence that we humans can make it work, and He is there to support us, every minute, every day. Don’t be blind to the good things.


Have a great week! :o) Linda