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Grace Actually

Linda Soller | Jan 13, 2020

Grace, that attitude of God which allows him to forgive, support, and love us no matter what we do. It’s hard for us humans to wrap our brain around that kind of love, but we know it’s true. This month in our Drop-In class we are studying the faces of grace. Some of them are surprising. It’s the combination of truth and surprise which lead me to the title for the month of Grace Actually.  “Actually”, can mean something is real and true, and in other uses it can mean something surprising. That combination is exactly what I think about when I think of grace. It is real and true and yet it surprises me.


So often in the Bible we are told of God’s grace, yet in our everyday life we may find we seldom consider it. His grace is so all encompassing that we may even take it for granted. We mess up and say Lord I am so sorry, and then move on. That may be a blessing and a curse for Christians. We know about the truth of grace, we understand it actually exists, but do we truly value it as we should. Is there something you do over and over, which you know you shouldn’t do? Do you ask God to forgive you for being unkind, being judgmental, being lazy, or whatever, only to do it again? If we value His grace, we would not repeat our negative patterns, well at least not so quickly and regularly. We would try to correct our behavior.


This week perhaps you could take some time to consider God’s grace. Maybe when you say “I’m sorry” you can follow it with trying to figure out what you will do so the behavior is not repeated. We have to take responsibility for our actions, and for changing our behavior. We will fail some of the time and we will be successful other times. We are all a work in progress. Best of all we have a partner in the process, and He is all about grace actually.


Be humble, be grateful, and be love in our world this week! :o) Linda