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Linda Soller | Aug 26, 2019

Much like staring at a car accident as I drive past, I find myself checking the newsfeed on my computer every morning. I am fully aware that most of what I see will be bad or discouraging news. Yet, here I sit scrolling through the headlines. I don’t think the news is fake, often I wish it were. Unlike a mother who has reached the point of no return listening to her children squabble until she screams, “That’s enough”, I fight the urge to scream. 


I truly believe most of us have had enough of the violence, lying, bullying, power struggles, threats, hatred, abuse, blaming, and the judging we experience and/or read about every day. Is it any wonder so many people feel helpless? We all teeter on the edge of letting out that scream of ENOUGH!  I wish I had a simple solution to offer. My solution, the one that works for me, has required time and nurturing.


At some point in my life I found God. I can’t say for sure the day or the time. I don’t remember an “ah ha moment.”  I was never the model church going child. My world included church but was not focused on it. I grew up knowing adults at my church were willing to talk about God. My teachers would discuss how faith and real-world drama could co-exist. I could disagree and was challenged to ponder.  I approached faith as something to study, contemplate, observe, and pray about. I didn’t expect a miracle. There has never been a time when I felt I knew it all. But somewhere along the way, I’m unsure of when, I felt different. I felt love and comfort when I prayed. Even in times of stress or turmoil I felt supported and encouraged. Those feelings grew stronger the more I studied, the more I worshiped, and the more I focused outward.  When my prayers became conversations, I started to hear answers to my questions.  When I practiced listening to God, I began to feel His continuous presence above the roar of this crazy world we live in. And then one day, or maybe one night, I realized that God is enough.


See you in church? :o) Linda