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How about tomorrow?

Linda Soller | Aug 19, 2019

After our drop-in class where we talked about indifference shown by Christians, a class member came up to me and said the topic had hit a cord with him. He said with a smile his philosophy had always been, “why do today what can be put off until tomorrow.” Now if you knew this person you would understand he is not lazy, or indifferent. But his point was that he does not always act on things when he could. Do any of us?


I often remind our class that we cannot each save the world from its problems, but I add we must know that we can make a difference. When you doubt your ability to impact people and the world for good you doubt God. You doubt that He can use you for good. Your indifference to the needs of others is your way of saying “I can’t fix that” or “it’s not my problem.” Isn’t it everyone’s problem? We were not designed to live in a vacuum. The pain and suffering of others impacts us and our community.


Indifference is much like a whisper. When you whisper you limit who hears you and therefore you limit the impact of your remark. When you are indifferent you limit your impact on the world. So maybe today does not feel like a good day to volunteer, or donate, visit an elderly neighbor, write a letter to a politician, or to join a service group. Any, and all, of those actions might help someone.  You don’t have to appear on the TV news or lead a protest to shed the bonds of your indifference. So maybe today does not feel like a good day to join a church, read your Bible, attend Sunday School, or serve on a committee. Any, and all, of those things might help your church or religious community serve others.  


Okay so maybe today is not the right time, maybe you need to pray on it and figure out your plan to overcome your indifference. Maybe you are just too busy for God. So how about tomorrow?


Have a great week! :o) Linda