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A Life in Christ - Holy Week

Sean Roberds | Mar 25, 2013

A Life in Christ

Holy Week


During Holy week I invite you simply to read and reflect. Some days there is just one passage; other days there are multiple passages. When there’s more than one, you may want to read the passages at different times during the day so you can reflect on each part.  May the Lord bless you in the reading of His Word during this most holy week!

 Monday – Jesus Weeps over Jerusalem

Luke 19:41-44

 Tuesday – Jesus Cleanses the Temple

            Luke 19:45-48

 Wednesday – The Last Supper

            Luke 22:14-23

            Luke 22:24-30

 Thursday – The Last Night

            Praying in the Garden: Luke 22:39-46

            The Betrayal and Arrest: Luke 22:47-53

            Peter’s Denial of Jesus: Luke 22:54-62

 Friday – The Passion

            The Mocking and Beating of Jesus: Luke 22:63-71

            Jesus before Pilate and Herod: Luke 23:1-12

            Jesus Sentenced to Death: Luke 23:13-25

            The Crucifixion of Jesus: Luke 23:26-39

            The Death of Jesus: Luke 23:44-49

 Saturday – Rest

            Luke 23:50-56

 Sunday – Life!

            Luke 24



*I would like to extend a huge thank you to Laura Greenspan for editing, formatting and correcting each document for every week of this project.  May the Lord bless you and keep you!