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Herndon Cares Update

Sean Roberds | Jun 11, 2020

Herndon Cares Update
WE MADE IT!! We set out hoping to distribute meals each week through yesterday- the end of the Virginia stay at home order as it was initially announced. aaand that's exactly what we did! 
Thank you all so, so much for your willingness to jump in and be part of this work with us. What a gift it's been to get to know you and to get to do this work alongside you. You have been such an incredible source of hope for me in the midst of these days. 
As of last night, we distributed a grand total of 9,311 meals to our community, and funneled $64,500 into local Herndon and Reston restaurants.
I hope you take that in. Thank you for making it happen.
We've also been doing a lot of thinking about what's next, and I'm so excited to be able to share it with you....
Herndon Cares' long term plan is to move into a monthly community-wide meal, #TogetherTuesday. The hope is to match families in our community across cultures, to gather for a meal that will be fixed by local restaurants- and participants will pay what they can to join in. I love the invitation for us to gather together, and for us to be able to share a meal, knowing our neighbors more. I believe firmly that the strength of our community lies in our real relationship with one another- and what an amazing opportunity to still support local restaurants, still give folks a meal, and to connect with our neighbors more deeply. More on this to come!
If you're reading this and thinking- but! how will we gather in the midst of COVID-19?! Well, we are right there with you. The safety of the community is of chief importance to us.
So, in the meantime... DRUMROLL AGAIN....
We are going to be moving to a monthly meal model- with our first distribution day set for Tuesday, July 14. Until we can gather in person, we hope to continue to distribute meals on the second tuesday of each month. More to come here as well, as we work out creative ways to connect with our local business friends on this work.
 If any of you would be willing to help us contact all the folks on our list to let them know of our next steps, that would be great. Just send me an email response and I'll send you instructions. 
Thank you again. My deepest gratitude to you all.
K Scarry