First Baptist Church of Herndon

681 Elden St., Herndon, VA 20170-4722, Phone 703-437-3620

FBC Herndon Safety/ security initiative

Sean Roberds | Jul 09, 2013

First Baptist Church Herndon
Safety/security initiative
June 2013


  • Ensure      the safety and security of our staff, congregation, guests and facility.
  • Address      sections of the Constitution and Bylaws related to Operations, safety and      security.
    • Policy       and Operations Manual per VII
    • Conflict       of Interest per 2.3.10 and 2.3.11
    • Personal       policies and procedures per 3.4
    • Annual       audit per 6.11

Mission for New Standing Committee

Prepare, Protect, and Secure…

Our Congregants, Staff, and Guests

Our Activities, Ministries, and Missions

and Our Material Assets and Real Property

From Damage, Danger, Disruption, Harm, Loss, or Liability

Major areas

  • Consolidate      FBC administration policies and procedures into a centrally maintained and      periodically updated Policy and Operations manual
  • Emergency      preparation and response plan for the facility
  • Safety      plan for the facility
  • Emergency      and safety training aids for staff and volunteers
  • Policy      for protection of staff, members and guests
  • Policy      for protection of youth and special needs individuals
  • Policy      for potential and actual conflicts of interest
  • Procedure      for groups using the building
  • Policy      for securing the building
  • Policy      governing individuals handling monies (ushers, money counters etc)
  • Policy      for financial protection
  • Procedure      for inventory and management of church assets
  • Communications      for the congregation


  • Establish      scope (Completed 6/30/13)
    • Bruce       McConnell with guidance from Deacons
  • Staff      a short term committee to develop and implement the approved scope
    • Need potential candidates from or with assistance from existing teams and committees (Properties, Finance, Personnel, Ushers, WeekDay…)
  • Staff      a standing safety and security committee
    • Need       potential candidates