First Baptist Church of Herndon

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Easter Sunday was a great day for our church.

Sean Roberds | Apr 27, 2022


Easter Sunday was a great day for our church. Not only did we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, but it felt like we were experiencing new life as a church. With a new baptized believer and the return of so many old friends you could feel the air breathing new possibilities.  It was good to see the Sanctuary full again and after Sunday there is hope that our church can rise from the ashes of the pandemic. 
As we begin to move forward, we are going to need some help. One of the best ways to be helpful is to be patient, kind and understanding as we find our way forward. Finding our way forward after a long difficult few years may be bumpy and uneasy at times. Sometimes we are going to run out of bulletins and sometimes we are not going to have enough ushers to make sure everyone has what they need. Sometime the new communion cups won’t fit into to the old cup holders. We are going to have missteps as we climb out of the hole we find ourselves in. Please be patient and ready to step in and help.
We are still requiring masks. I know we are one of the lasts places to require them, but we are thinking about the vulnerable. We are mindful of those in our congregation who cannot be vaccinated and thinking about those with serious underlying conditions. Some of our most vulnerable people benefit from being able to attend in person. The deacons and I revisit this decision every month. We will be meeting again in May. We will not wear masks forever.
This Sunday we have a special called business meeting to update the church on where we are after 2 very difficult years and how we find a way forward. This is an important meeting, and we hope you will attend. Part of the way forward is going to be finding new people to step in and help with necessary work. Please be in prayer for our church and begin considering ways you can help us rebuild.
With the Love of Christ,
Pastor Sean