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Joy in Truth

Linda Soller | Feb 27, 2017

A person I respect once said to me, “the need for joy in a congregation is highly overrated.” I thought he was wrong when he said it, and I still think he is wrong. Joy is gladness, a feeling of happiness and delight. Notice I said feeling. In some, joy can bubble over and in others it’s a private matter. What brings me joy may not bring you joy. But when I read certain parts of the Bible, sing certain Hymns, I feel joy. So what’s my point? Faith brings us comfort and support. Faith strengthens us to deal with the world we live in. The truth of our faith can bring us joy. If you believe in the Lord, and your worship brings you joy then aren’t you finding joy in the truth?

Ok, so not all truths have the same impact. Life is hard, problems are sometimes insurmountable, and the world can be a dangerous place. These truths leave little room for joy. Yet the Bible tells us to rejoice in the truth. Confused?

What about this angle? We all have opinions, some speak out on issues, and sometimes we even dare to disagree with each other. But what happens when the truth is not on our side? Most of us don’t like admitting we are wrong. Blaming someone or something else doesn’t change the fact that we were wrong. Blame is just a smoke screen, but when the screen blows away it leaves you standing there, exposed, and still wrong. Avoiding the truth prevents some from speaking out and exposes others who simply refuse to be wrong. The winners are those who see the truth as strength, knowledge, and as the jumping off place for progress. There is strength in the truth.

I have been wrong more times than I can count and expect you have been too. Being wrong doesn’t mean we can’t rejoice in the truth. Actually being wrong simply affirms that we should and can rejoice in the truth. God sees the good and the bad in each of us. He knows when we are right and wrong. Yet He loves us unconditionally. Now that is a truth we can all rejoice in.

Love the truth and rejoice in it!     : o)  Linda

Don’t believe me? Open your Bible and read 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8.